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Badminton Re-Stringing

Over 20years experience.
We can re-string Badminton, Squash, Racketball and Tennis rackets.
We can also replace grommit strips and handle grips. Please contact Claire for further information.


  • Nylon - £14.00

  • Yonex BG65Ti - £18.00 Available in White, Red, Pink or black. Yonex BG65Ti has added durability that makes it ideal for hard hitters and can also be strung at higher tensions.The compound titanium hybrid coating provides a sharp but comfortable feel on impact.

  • Yonex BG80 - £22.00 Available in Fluo Yellow or White

  • Yonex BG80 Power - £24.00 Available in Orange or White Yonex BG80 Power Badminton is a multifilament core with a high modulus Vectran fibre coiled around. This helps to reduce movement of the strings, hold the tension longer making this a powerful string.

Customers own string - £13.00 for re-string


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