Trysports Bicester

Squash Re-stringing

  • Nylon - £14.00. Good for durability
  • Technofibre Synthetic Gut - £19.00 An excellent all round string with good playability and durability
  • Prince Synthetic Gut with PPS - £21.00  An excellent all round string but with added durability
  • Sensofibre - £22.00 Availabe in Green, Red or Black. Very similar playability to the Technofibre.
  • Technofibre 305 1.3mm in Green- £26.00 This string is lovely and soft so does not require much warming up to achieve it best playability. Due to the softness of this string it does wear quicker then a synthetic gut so not suitable if you are looking for a longevity string. 


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