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(Racket Re-stringing) - sports equipment

Over 20years experience.

We can re-string Badminton, Squash, Racketball and Tennis rackets.

We can also replace grommit strips and handle grips. Please contact Claire for further information.

  • Nylon- £14.00 - Entry level string
  • Head Synthetic Gut - £19.00                                                            Head Synthetic Gut features a solid core and a soft multifilament outer wrap, combined with a low-friction coating. This is a suitable string for all round players requiring power and control.  
  • Prince Top Spin - £25.00                                                       Prince Top Spin Duraflex is a popular synthetic gut string with a textured wrap for extra spin.Top Spin utilises Duraflex which is a heat resistant fibre that provides a wear barrier for 50% improved durability and unmatched allround performance. The centre core gives strength and tension retention.


Hybrid Strings can be mixed to create your perfect racket performance. 

For example, if you would like more power but mixed with a bit of control I will put the Power string on the mains and the control string on the crosses or if you break your mains string frequently you could have the durability string on your mains and then your prefered on the crosses.

  • Ashaway Kevlar + Plus 17 - for Durability - £25.00               Ashaway Kevlar + Plus is suitable for heavy hitting, power players and in particular those who break strings alot. Constructed from a combination of Kevlar and PTFE blend filaments, Kevlar + Plus offers soft playability and maximum durability in hybrid combinations. 

  • Head Reflex MLT - for power - £25.00                                          Head Reflex MLT is a premium multifilament string which offers superb power and touch. Constructed using a soft PU resin, together with a low friction additive for the coating. This combination allows the realignment of the main strings after each shot, giving a faster snap back effect.

  • Head RIP Control - for added control - £25.00                            Head RIP Control is a best selling string with impressive durability. Head RIP Control is a composite string, combining copolymer (nylon) fibres and polyolefin ribbons resulting in impressive dampening and durability.

Any Hybrid combination is £25.00


Customers own string - £13.00 for re-string



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