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If you're just starting your journey in cricket or coming towards the end we have something to suit you.

All year round we keep in stock a great selection of bats (all sizes), batting pads/gloves/inners, thigh/arm guards, helmets/baseball caps/wide brim hats, wicket keeping pads/gloves/inners, shoes (spikes and rubbers), balls (match, practice, soft), umpire coats/counters, wheelie/duffle bags, shirts, sweaters, trousers, socks, base layers and lots of accessories.

All the major cricket manufacturers are stocked - Adidas, Aero, Chase, Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, TON, Stanford, Masuri, Salix, Payntr, Asics, Stuart Surridge. We've a huge amount of in-stock items in our Bicester shop and can help you choose and try out the most suitable bat and accessories.

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Aero P2 Stripper Lower Body Protector

Gray-Nicolls Academy Thigh Guard

Gray-Nicolls Cricket Armguard Test

Gray-Nicolls Pro Performance Body Guard

Gray-Nicolls All in One Academy Thigh Pad 2023

Kookaburra Protective Shorts

Gunn & Moore Cricket Fielding Shinpads

Kookaburra 500 Thigh Guard 2024

Gray-Nicolls Mini Pro Soft Feel Arm Guard

Aero Fielding Practice Gloves 2022

Gunn & Moore Wrist Guard Protection 2024

Gunn & Moore Abdo Guard

Gray-Nicolls Pro Performance Inner Thigh Guard

Aero P3 Stripper Lower Body Protector

Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guard

Gray-Nicolls Protective Box

Aero P1 Chestprotector 2022

Gray-Nicolls Mini Pro Armguard

Aero Escu Wrist Guard