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Whether you're an outfield player or a goal keeper, we have everything you need no matter what standard you're playing or what age you are.

Visit our shop in Dean's court Bicester (with plenty of parking behind the shop), and try out sticks (outfield & GK), shin/mouth guards, balls (match & practice), skorts, shorts, socks/shinliners, astros, holdalls and goal keeping protection.

All the major hockey manufacturers are stocked including Grays, Kookaburra, TK, Mercian, OBO, Gryphon, Adidas, Zoppo, and Shock Doctor. We've a huge amount of in-stock items in our Bicester shop.

Trysports are the official suppliers and sponsors to the Trysports Three Counties Women's Hockey League.

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Mercian Water bottle -

TK Baseball Style Cap -

Grays Shaft Guard Clear -


Adidas Grip HY Gauze

Grays Mouth Guard G5000 Trio -

Adidas Bandanna -

TK Mouth Guard Total Three AMX 3.1 Senior -

Grays Grip Traction -

TK Grip AAX 3.1 Chamois Grip -

Gryphon Chamois Fun Grip -

Kookaburra Hockey Shinliners Under Socks -

Kookaburra Hockey Fibreglass Tape - Small -

TK Mouth Guard Total Two AMX 2.1 Senior Gel -

Grays Grip Cushion -

Mercian Bandanna -

Grays 18" Replica Wooden Hockey Stick -

TK 15m Cloth Tape -

TK Cloth Tape Wide 40mm -

TK Grip AAX 3.1 Contour plus Grip -

Grays Souvenir Stick Pens -

Adidas Water Bottle -

Gryphon Shinliners Under Socks -

Grays Grip Shamee Overgrip -

Mercian 3" Wooden Stick Key Ring -

Trysports Captain's Armband -

Mercian 15yds Cloth Tape -

TK Headband -

Grays Grip Twintex -

TK Mouth Guard Total Three AMX 3.5 Junior -

Diamond Water Bottle -

TK Shinliners Under Socks -

Grays Dead Stop Foam Pad -

Adidas LX24/V24 Mini Hockey Stick -

Grays Mouth Guard G300 Duo -

TK Bandanna -

Trysports Mouth Guard -

Grays Grip Traction +XL -

TK Shock Stopper AAX 3.1 -

Mercian Cloth Tape Standard -

Grays G700 Shinliners Under Socks -

Sorbothane Shockstopper Insole -

Kookaburra Hockey Standard Sweatbands -

Aratac Grip Chamois -

Grays 3" Compo Stick Key Ring -

Mercian 16" Wooden Hockey Stick -

Aratac Cloth Tape - Wide -

TK Cloth Tape Standard 25mm -

Kookaburra Hockey Grip Chamois -

TK Mouth Guard Total Two AMX 2.5 Junior Gel -