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Grays GX2500 Green Ultrabow Junior Composite Hockey Stick 2017/18 -


A fantastic fully integrated carbon, aramid and fibreglass matrix formula junior hockey stick for power, shock absorption and durability. Iconic technology combining performance, durability and playability. Over the last decade the GX range has continued to evolve in response to new materials and playing styles. The precise material makeup has been carefully engineered to provide a stick which will suit players of all styles, especially for younger players moving from wooden sticks onto the junior GX models. The GX range offers a well-balanced level of power and control. An excellent value stick with a standard Ultrabow 22mm@300mm blade profile for developing core skills & stroking the ball. The GX2500 junior hockey stick features increased power with a chamois grip fitted as standard which is a fantastic all weather grip. Greater response, feel and touch. Ultrabow blade profile ideal for developing core skills and striking the ball. Available in 34" lengths.


RRP: £55.00

Price: £46.75