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Gryphon Chrome Cobra Pro Low Bow Composite Hockey Stick 2018 -


Chrome Product Introduction Serious tech and performance in mid-range priced sticks, not to mention head turning looks too! The Power to Weight Index (PWI) indicates the stiffness of each model reflective of its Deflection Test reading, the definitive measure of stick stiffness. Chrome touch benefits from our Energy Reduction System (ERS), a cork and rubber wrapped handle. Chrome Cobra Pro Stiffness rating: 40PWI Profile: Late Bow, a 24mm peak placed at 250mm. Profile Characteristics: The slick Pro profile provides assistance to a more dynamic range of ball movement without the need for major adjustments to perform the basics so is still an easy shape to handle. This is a fantastic hockey stick with an 24mm@250mm low Bow curve. Made from aramide & fibreglass epoxy. A great value hockey stick. In 37.5" lengths - one weight Light only.


RRP: £70.00

Price: £59.50