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Gryphon Essential Flow CC Classic Mid Bow Composite Hockey Stick 2018/19 -


Essential Product Introduction For a range of playing abilities and performance levels, no nonsense lay-ups with a sharp, clean look. The Power to Weight Index (PWI) indicates the stiffness of each model reflective of its Deflection Test reading, the definitive measure of stick stiffness. Flow CC Stiffness rating: 40PWI Profile: Mid Bow, a 23mm peak placed at 300mm. Profile Characteristics: The straightforward CC profile suits an unfussy playing style based on executing perfect basic skills. The new Gryphon Flow Classic Mid Bow composite hockey stick has a responsive flex which has been tweaked & tuned to perfectly match its power & softer feel. This is a more flexible hockey stick with an essential 23mm@300mm Classic Mid Bow Curve. Made from aramide & fibreglass epoxy. A great value hockey stick. In 36.5" length - one weight Light only.


RRP: £60.00

Price: £51.00