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Gray-Nicolls Players Junior Cricket Bat 2018 -


English Willow

The Classic Collection has been created for batsmen dedicated to raising their game. A beautiful variety of grades to suit any player and ability. The Classic Collection offers players tangible confidence and assurance, giving them an unrivalled presence at the crease. Weight: Junior 2lb 1oz - 2lb 7oz

Pro Performance is a handcrafted bat with a 1 inch shorter blade. STRIKE ZONE: Mid-blade ideally suited for all-round stroke play. PROFILE: Concave sculpting to give professional pick up and balance. HANDLE: Semi oval handle for comfort and complete control. GRIP: Superlink grip optimises grip and feel whilst improving control at the crease. FINISH: Sanded and buffed.


English Willow

RRP: £225.00

Price: £157.50