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Mercian Genesis G0.3 Orange/Blue Standard Bow Junior Composite Hockey Stick 2019/20 -



Genesis G0.3 Standard Bow Composite Hockey Stick. A composite hockey stick of 100% Glassfibre. The Genesis G0.3 hockey stick has a new graphic design & Mercian logo and is a great value starter stick. The Genesis G0.3 hockey stick features a Standard Bend which incorporates a 22mm bend positioned at the mid-point of the shaft. The balance point has been moved up the stick (towards the handle) to enhance the playing characteristics of these sticks. (Higher balance point, less head weight, easier 'turn-over' and therefore ball movement. It features brand new sleek graphics & MGel a silicon rubber gel is applied to the inside of the sticks in the designated 'M-Gel' area and it acts as a barrier to vibration, creating a slightly softer feel to all the sticks and enhancing the touch the player experiences. In 36.5, 35" & 34" light weight.

GEN 0.3 - Orange/Blue Glassfibre Composite Soft PU grip Midi head shape 36.5", 35", 34",


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